Everything you Need to Know About Teaching Abroad in the United Kingdom


Are you interested in teaching jobs abroad? Teachers are in great demand in the United Kingdom. Math and science teachers are in especially high demand. Teaching abroad in London helps teachers gain valuable skills and teaching knowledge within the British Education System. Living and working in the United Kingdom provides an excellent opportunity for teachers. They get to discover the wonderful history and culture of the UK and its European neighbors. Read on to discover more about living and teaching in the United Kingdom.

What is it Like to Teach in the United Kingdom?

Teaching in the United Kingdom provides teachers with an exciting opportunity to experience international culture through the eyes of a local. Many teachers enjoy the flexibility that the education system in London offers. England has a lot to offer foreign teachers, including unsurpassed beauty. Teachers have numerous choices of places where they can work and of different types of teaching assignments. There are teaching jobs available in the greater London area. The Britain curriculum is easy to learn and is very straightforward. This helps foreign teachers adjust to teaching the curriculum very easily.

In the United Kingdom, teachers get more breaks than in Australia or North America. Holidays are fairly numerous. Working in the United Kingdom provides foreign teachers with the experience of teaching in a different educational system, yet it is somewhat familiar to systems in North America. If you wish to teach abroad, you will need a Visa (learn more here) in order to be employed.

Living Like in the UK

The United Kingdom offers an interesting mix of old-world charm and modern attractions. There is a lot to see and do. Because of its close proximity to mainland Europe, teachers in the UK have many opportunities for international travel during holidays and breaks.

England tends to have a higher cost of living than in many areas of the United States, but it depends upon the location. Small English towns are more affordable than larger cities, such as London. There are cheaper areas in London if you like the city.

Many longer-term teaching positions offer benefits and housing to teachers. A lot of teachers share a flat or apartment with other people to reduce the cost of housing. Other teachers choose a more affordable area to live in.

Supply teaching typically pays about £120 per day. Longer term positions tend to pay in the range of £22,000 to £24,000 a year. Private schools typically pay more, but salaries depend on the individual school.

Schools in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, there are four different main types of schools. State schools are funded by the government and open to the public. Grammar schools are funded by the government. But, students are required to complete entrance examinations for admittance. Religious schools are privately funded and open to the public. Private schools are funded through private tuition fees. These schools may require entrance examinations.

Schools are broken up into stages in the UK. For example, key stage 1 is approximately ages 5-7. This is equal to the first and second grades in the United States. Key Stage 5 is the last stage. This stage is high school and is equivalent to grade 12 in the United States. Students in this stage are typically from 16 to 18 years of age.

In England, students are often required to wear uniforms. Teachers are expected to dress professionally, especially in private schools. Many schools in the United Kingdom have a dress code for teachers to follow.

What Types of Teaching Assignments are Available in the United Kingdom?

Foreign teachers typically have access to two different types of teaching assignments in the United Kingdom. Most start out supply teaching.

Supply Teaching

Supply teaching is perfect for new foreign teachers as it allows them to work in different schools. It also helps them to become familiar with the curriculum in Britain. Supply teaching offers more flexibility and variety in scheduling. If a suitable position opens up and the teacher is a good fit for the school, supply teachers can be offered a lasting contract position. Supply teaching positions can often be found any time of the year. Teachers can begin supply teaching in the United Kingdom mid-term.

Long-Term Teaching

Teachers can also apply directly for longer lasting positions. The United Kingdom currently has a significant need for secondary Science and Math teachers. The yearly salary range for a more lengthy term position is approximately £22,000– £24,000 annually. A longer-term position provides teachers with the security of knowing where they will be working. This is often an advantageous position for teachers who have done supply work or would rather work in just one school. Longer term contracts are typically for the duration of the school year.

Teaching in the United Kingdom can be a great way for a teacher to experience England’s enticing mix of traditional charm and modern attractions. England’s educational system provides flexibility for foreign teachers. The British curriculum is straightforward and easy for foreign teachers to pick up. Teach abroad in the UK to gain a wonderful teaching experience.

So You Want To Be an Interior Designer?

Decorating homes is viewed by many people as one of the most interesting and exciting activities at which they can spend their days.  Choosing the right furniture, draperies and floor covering is both challenging and fun at the same time.  For creative people who have a flair for choosing the right look for a room, a career as an interior designer can be a way to earn a living while doing something they love.


To become an interior designer, most people attend college and obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design.  Because interior designers spend much of their time working with architects, engineers and building contractors they should be skilled in blueprint reading and computer-aided drafting (CAD).  While in college, future interior designers take classes in art, building construction, fabrics, blueprint reading, computer-aided drafting, residential and commercial design and more.  A Bachelor’s degree will be sufficient for most entry-level jobs, with some designers going on to earn Master’s degrees after several years of work experience.  Upon completing their studies, some designers choose to take the National Council for Interior Design Qualification exam, which when passed gives them the title of Licensed Interior Designer.



Interior designers generally work in clean and comfortable settings.  Most designers work for architectural and engineering firms or specialty design agencies, with 25 percent of interior designers choosing to be self-employed.  Furniture stores also employ interior designers to assist customers with choosing merchandise for their homes, and some stores will include design services as a way to gain business from new customers.  Most interior designers work full-time jobs, with those who are self-employed often working in excess of 60 hours per week.  Some interior designers work part-time, with most being employed in smaller furniture stores or with architectural firms that use them only occasionally.


Full-time interior designers can expect to earn average annual salaries in excess of $47,000.  Entry-level designers in furniture stores average $30,000 per year, while those in architectural firms average closer to $40,000 annually.  Self-employed interior designers who gain a good reputation with clients can earn more than $100,000 per year, and through word-of-mouth may have opportunities to work with celebrities who purchase homes and need design services.  Many celebrity homes have unique designs that may contain urethane cement flooring, while other have elaborate flooring or walkways that require concrete polishing. Designers who have a thorough knowledge of building construction are often best suited for these jobs, since they will be called upon to oversee many different activities.


For people who can walk into a home and instantly visualize different design possibilities, are creative, great at solving problems and love a new challenge interior design is a perfect career choice.