Becoming a Breast Surgeon

Each year, millions of women seek the assistance of a trained plastic surgeon for breast implants. The number of women who desire breast surgery makes the field of breast augmentation quite lucrative. A person who wishes to become a breast surgeon must follow a very specific educational program to obtain the appropriate certifications. The person should begin taking relevant courses as early as high school, but starting during the college years is acceptable. Breast surgeons will take some of the same courses that regular medical doctors will take to start their careers.

Courses to Take

Before a person can practice medicine, he or she must receive a Doctorate in Medicine. The person should take science-focused courses in college. Examples of relevant courses include such courses as microbiology and microchemistry. Most doctors need to take a variety of science courses to meet the requirements for medical school acceptance. A strong history in mathematics is required for the medical profession, as well. The next step in the process is taking the Medical College Admissions Test.

This special test will give the student the opportunity to enter medical school where he or she will earn an M.D. to practice medicine.

The MCAT test consists of four sections, which are biological sciences, physical sciences, verbal reasoning and essay writing. A competitive score is one that has a least 10 points in the first three sections. After taking the test, the student can begin applying for medical schools. A person who wants to perform breast implants may want to apply at traditional medical schools and specialize in general surgery.

Medical school is generally four years long, and it consists of extensive training in the areas of pharmacology, anatomy, microbiology, physiology, biochemistry and more. After the second year of school in the aforementioned categories, the student will need to take a test to obtain a license to continue in medical school. The third year of medical school consists of rationed training in each of the major specialty areas, and the fourth year consists of additional training in the person’s preferred specialty.

Residency Program

After finishing medical school, a prospective breast surgeon will have to complete a residency program in a breast clinic. The residency program will give the person the opportunity to work with doctors in his or her field. The person will have to apply at various clinics before he or she obtains an approval. Once the breast clinic accepts the person, he or she will continue the residency program for a period of three to five years. Fellowship training is additional training in a sub-specialty. Fellowship training could take an additional three years to complete.

A practicing doctor must take a final set of tests during the residency program to become fully certified to install breast implants. Once the person passes those tests, then the long journey to become a breast surgeon will be complete. Breast surgery is an occupation that can earn a person hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. However, the training is extensive, and it requires an individual’s full dedication and commitment. Becoming a plastic surgeon takes approximately 12 to 15 years.

This informative blog post was supplied by a crew at Hollywood Breast Clinic, a breast clinic in Perth. Dr. Simon Weight, a breast surgeon at Hollywood Breast Clinic has a strong background in education and training.

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