Four of the Hottest Areas of Law for Ambitious Lawyers in Australia

Australia has many exciting law practice areas open to new attorneys. A well-educated, persistent attorney has the opportunity to flourish in any of the following areas of the legal profession. These areas are also in need of paralegals, legal secretaries, researchers and other professionals who work in the field of law. Take a look at a few examples of the hottest areas of law in Australia.


Civil Litigation

Civil litigation lawyers make up one of the hottest areas of law in Australia. A civil litigator represents a party in a dispute against a company or an organization. A medical malpractice case is one example of civil litigation. For instance, an individual who suffers damage to his or her heart during surgery may have a case against a negligent physician as well as the hospital where the surgery took place. The injured party may hire a civil litigator to handle a lawsuit against the physician and the hospital. In addition to medical malpractice cases, civil litigation lawyers are also kept busy with tenant versus landlord disputes, worker’s compensation cases and personal injury cases. An injured party needs a smart lawyer to guide him or her through the Australian legal system.


Family Law

Family lawyers in Australia handle disputes between the members of a couple who are divorcing. Other aspects of family law include child custody disputes, division of property, dispute resolution and financial support. The divorce rate in Australia stands at about 40 percent which means that about 40 percent of marriages will end in divorce. As a result, many family lawyers get a steady stream of clients that need a professional to handle their divorce. A family lawyer can help to arrange the best possible custody situation for children involved in a family law case.


Intellectual Property Law

Another popular area of law in Australia deals with intellectual property. Intellectual property lawyers handle cases in which a person’s intellectual property has been used without his or her permission. For example, the author of a book may hire an intellectual property lawyer to prove that another author stole his or her work. Other examples of intellectual property include inventions, music, artwork and logo designs. A client who has spent time and effort writing a story or creating another piece of artwork will fight hard to keep anyone from taking credit for it. This is why intellectual property lawyers are so sought after in Australia.


Bankruptcy Law

The recent recession has affected the finances of many people in Australia. When people lose their jobs or get downsized, they are not always able to pay their mortgage, medical bills, credit card bills, etc. A bankruptcy lawyer guides clients through the process of getting their debts expunged. Bankruptcy lawyers are getting more business as a result of the continuing recession.

Finally, because there are so many hot areas of law in Australia, a lawyer has the freedom to choose an area that excites him or her. The opportunities are wide open for ambitious, hard-working lawyers.

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