How To Get a Job as a Generator Technician

In today’s world, technology has become more important than ever. Almost every industry relies on technology to conduct business each day, so it’s imperative their equipment be kept in top condition.  However, it’s inevitable at some point even the most technologically-advanced machinery will need maintenance or repair.  When this happens, a generator technician is often called to lend their expertise.  For those people wanting to enter a growing career and receive excellent pay and benefits, this is one area to strongly consider.
Generator technicians are in high demand by industries everywhere, so getting started in the field usually requires completing a two-year degree program at a community college or trade school.  The military is another great way to become trained as a generator technician, offering opportunities to work on some of the most sophisticated equipment available.  Most people earn degrees in electrical technology, electronics technology or instrumentation and usually have job offers before they graduate.  Classes taken include blueprint reading, welding, computer-aided drafting, occupational safety, electrical processes and more.
One of the keys to career success as a generator technician is to gain experience in both replacing and repairing generators and related machinery.  Generally, companies needing work on an electric generator hire technicians skilled in troubleshooting procedures and are able to pinpoint problems quickly, saving the company time and money.
Most new technicians are paired with an experienced technician initially, allowing them to learn from someone with years of experience. Working on equipment like generators and air compressors requires the ability to use various hand tools as well as a willingness to work in tight spaces.  Many times, technicians will have to crawl under or inside huge industrial machinery, getting very dirty in the process. Since some equipment may be located outside, a willingness to work in both hot or cold temperatures is also needed.   Individuals who have previous experience in construction or automotive work generally do very well as generator technicians, since they are used to working in all types of weather and with numerous hand tools.
Salaries for generator technicians are very impressive.  Entry-level technicians earn a minimum of $30,000 annually, while those with several years of experience can find themselves earning close to $70,000 in some cases.  Opportunities are available with automotive manufacturers, energy companies, construction companies, state and local governments and many other employers.  Companies that need work done on their generator hire service personnel who can quickly assess the situation and make the needed repairs as soon as possible, keeping the process very cost-effective.
People who have excellent mechanical abilities and aren’t afraid of hard work in a variety of industrial environments will find becoming a generator technician a very fulfilling career choice.


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