Resume Tips: How To Write A Good Resume

Why need resume tips? That’s because writing a good resume has never been the easiest task. In this day and age it can prove to be even more difficult with today’s tech-driven and mobile online employment landscape. It is almost imperative to create a resume in a way that is optimized for today’s potential employers as well as electronic resume scanning systems if you want to get the job you desire. There are many tips for writing a resume that may be found online. However, below are some critical resume tips that should be considered to improve your resume as well as some resume mistakes to avoid. According to Resumes To You, follow these resume tips for creating a winning resume on your own.

Point towards the future

Point Your Resume Towards The Future, Not The Past

Many people make the mistake of creating a resume that reads like a historical record of schools they have attended and work history. However, the key to learning how to write a good resume leans towards making it a marketing tool for yourself. Resume writing should always include your current and future career goals. You should strive to highlight experiences, credentials and any accomplishments that relate to your career goal objective and minimize those that don’t. If you have a substantially long work history, you may choose to summarize your earlier work more briefly, especially if it doesn’t pertain towards your current career goals.

Create Your Resume With Technology In Mind

Many jobs today accept resumes online instead of in person. Almost every recruiter and company these days now uses software to initially weed out the best candidates from the list. They will search for specific keywords in your resume to find potential, qualified job candidates. If you don’t use the right keywords, your resume may be overlooked. A great way to search for up-to-date keywords that might make your resume stand out is to look at online job postings and find what descriptive words employers are using when referring to potential job candidates.

Show Off Your “Wow” Factor

One of the bigger resume mistakes to avoid would be to forget giving your potential employer the “wow factor” on your resume. You need to highlight your more impressive qualities in order to stand out from everyone else. Resume writing should always start off with a powerful statement about your main achievements and highlight them throughout the rest of the resume as well. You need to get the employer’s attention from the beginning to keep them reading. Writing a good resume should also include areas of your work history where you were the best at something. It could also include what your greatest achievements were in each position you have held at previous jobs.

Keep Your Resume Lean

Some more tips on writing a resume include keeping it “lean” and making every word count. In a modern resume, you need to be thorough without adding too much fluff. When possible, quantify your achievements instead of making broad statements. Numbers can oftentimes provide a measurable indication of your successes and achievements in the past. Use percentages, dollars and other figures throughout your resume when possible. This can also add credibility to your resume. Keep in mind, however, to not go overboard with numbers and figures. Mix up your resume with a healthy combination of numbers and narrative to make it a more interesting read throughout.

Make yourself stand out

When followed, each of these resume tips for writing a resume can greatly increase your chances of getting the job you are after. If you decide that you cannot figure out how to make your resume stand out on your own, you could use a professional resume writer to help you create a resume that is sure to make you stand out against other candidates for any job that you are applying for.


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