Skills Needed to Work in a Restaurant

If you want to get a job working in a restaurant, there will be a certain combination of skills that hiring managers will be looking for. Let’s take a look at the most important skills that all potential restaurant employees must possess:

1. People skills

This is by far the most important skill for employees who will be dealing with the general public. This includes servers, waiters, waitresses and hostesses. In order to be a success at any of these jobs, you need to smile a lot and have a great personality. You should be good and making small talk with the customers and make them feel at home. There will also occasionally be customers who are upset. People skills are also needed to deal with these people in a respectful manner without getting angry. You need to make the customer want to come back again. If you plan on working in the kitchen with little or no contact with the customers, people skills are not that critical.

2. Cooking skills

If your goal is to get a job as a chef or short order cook, you will obviously need some cooking experience in order to get hired. Small restaurants may be willing to train new employees to cook various meals on used commercial kitchen equipment. However, if you are applying for a job at a large restaurant in a hotel or a resort, the hiring manager will expect you to already have the necessary cooking skills required for the job. Attending a culinary school would make it easier to get a job in this field.

3. Ability to multitask

Restaurants can be very busy places, especially on holidays and weekends. When the place is packed with customers, you may be forced into a situation where you need to perform several tasks at one time. Doing this in an organized manner is essential for a restaurant to run smoothly. There will also be times when a person calls off from work or shows up late, forcing you to pick up the slack and perform their responsibilities. The ability to slide seamlessly into another role will make you a valuable employee.

4. Work well under pressure

A restaurant environment can often be chaotic. During busy periods, you may be forced to perform your job much faster than you are accustomed to. Your manager may tell you to move faster. These moments can be stressful, but they are common occurrences in the restaurant industry. Employees must be able to handle this stress while still performing their job in a professional manner.

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