Strippers And Their Salaries: How Much Do Strippers Make in Australia?

How much do strippers make in Australia? A strippers salary has a little less to do with how hard they work, and a little more to do with how good they look while working.

The minimum wage in Australia is $17.29, or about $650 per work week, and $2,600 per month. How much do strippers earn in a month? The answer isn’t very easy to find. Like most industries, employees don’t like disclosing among each other how much they make without a good reason to. If two girls worked at the same club, did the same job, and had the same amount of hours, but one made $1,100 last week while the other made $800… there might be some problems.

Thankfully, when asked “How much do strippers make a month?” some girls didn’t mind sharing a little personal info. Strippers from Cover Girl Strippers have shared their income, as well as the income of some of their coworkers.

They start out by explaining what really affects a strippers salary; beautiful hair, a tight body, and an all-around charming personality is sure to turn that “Strippers for hire Melbourne” sign into a “Position filled.” Men who go to clubs will want to see the best-looking girl there, meaning the better looking you are, the more money you’ll make. According to the girls at CGS, a talented (and beautiful) stripper can make around $2,000 per week.

They say the key to making hundreds of dollars per night is to get repeat customers; wealthy businessmen who take a liking to lap dances are the prime target. As a stripper, only part of your income comes from an hourly wage. The rest is made up of tips and lap dances. It is important to note that stripping is not the same as prostitution, and it’s a common misconception that they are one in the same. Stripping and lap dancing are just forms of exotic and erotic dancing, meant to arouse and excite customers, whereas prostitution is the act of having sex in exchange for money. Prostitution itself isn’t illegal in Australia, however, that doesn’t mean any girls working at a gentleman club would also want to work a street corner the next night.

The girls at CGS are working in cities all over Australia, like Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. In order to find out how much do strippers make a month in Melbourne, though, it might be best to just ask one directly.

Simone, a stripper out of Melbourne, did an AMA on Reddit and got very in-depth when asked questions about her job and how much she makes. “In slow season around $500-$800 a week, busy season $1000-$2000, clubs are almost the same but the hours are longer so it’s much harder to maintain.” Assuming a slow season only lasts for 4 of the 12 months of the year, that would be a salary of $24,000 – $41,600, which is a very dynamic range of income compared to a job like bar tending ($34,000 – $42,000) or working at a restaurant ( $15/hr + tips or $28,800 per year.)

If you would like to know more about Simone and her job stripping in Melbourne, here is a link to all of her questions and answers from her Reddit thread.

While Simone is a stripper in Melbourne, she doesn’t work at a club. A gentleman club will have organized events like a boat cruise or a party bus. Simone’s stripping events are more along the lines of bachelor parties, and are all-around more casual when compared to a gentleman club.

Working at a gentleman club isn’t easy, though. You have to give it your all six hours per day four days per week

In short, a strippers salary in Melbourne is determined by where they work, be it a club or private business, how attractive they are, and what time of year it is. During the busy months of the year, strippers can make $2,000 or more, and during the off months, that number floats between the $500 and $1,000 mark.

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