What You Need To Know About Being A Personal Injury Lawyer

Career Overview

A personal injury lawyer is often referred to as a trial lawyer or plaintiff lawyer. Personal injury attorneys provide representation for people who allege that they have been psychologically or physically injured due to the careless or negligent acts of another organization, person or entity.

Personal injury attorneys specialize in tort law. This area of law includes civil or private injuries or wrongs. The purpose of tort law is to discourage other people from committing the same act and provide restitution for the injured party.

A personal injury attorney can help an injured person receive compensation for their pain, suffering, medical expenses and lost wages. Personal injury lawyers also help prevent people from being taken advantage of by the legal system and insurance companies.

Different Types Of Injuries A Personal Injury Law Firm Can Handle

  • auto accidents
  • bicycle accidents
  • burn injuries
  • wrongful death
  • spinal cord injuries
  • construction accidents
  • medical malpractice
  • defective products

Job Duties Of A Personal Injury Lawyer

The job duties of a personal injury attorney are similar to those of most other litigators. Their tasks may include screening potential clients, investigating claims, researching case law, interviewing witnesses and providing counsel for clients. The job of a personal injury lawyer can be quite stressful. However, most attorneys find their job to be extremely rewarding. Despite the fact that they often have to put in long hours at their law firm, they get the satisfaction that comes along with helping victims get compensated for their injuries.

Personal injury law can be quite complex. That is why some attorneys specialize in handling certain cases. For example, an attorney who deals with medical malpractice may focus his practice on handling breach birth injuries. Additionally, an attorney who deals with auto accidents may focus his practice on handling ATV rollover accidents.


The training and education required to become a personal injury attorney is nearly the same as it is for all other lawyers. Personal injury lawyers are required to earn a law degree. They are also required to pass the bar exam.

Skills Required To Become A Personal Injury Attorney

It takes more than just a law degree to become a successful personal injury attorney. There are certain skills that they must possess. Great communication, logical reasoning, organization and teamwork are some of the skills needed to become a personal injury attorney.

How Much Do Personal Injury Lawyers Make?

Personal injury law is one of the highest-paid professions. Their salary can range from $30,000 to $300,000 per year. The location and size of the practice are two of the things that determine a lawyer’s salary. Most personal injury attorneys charge their clients a contingency fee. If the attorney charges a contingency, then he or she will take a portion of the client’s settlement.

Employment Outlook

More people are choosing to file lawsuits and seek compensation for their injuries. That is why the employment outlook is great.

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